At IPL we know that time is Money, flexibility and quick response times are key issues of our personalised service. IPL provides a wide range of services, which include, but are not limited to:


As your industrial refrigeration partner, IPL is an independent and individually engaged & dedicated associate on your team of professionals. Our experienced engineers at IPL will provide the necessary professional engineering & design expertise, complying with applicable international standards, to ensure you will have a “Cool Solution” matching your specific and detailed requirements. Through ongoing interaction with international partners and industry associations, we remain abreast of new technology and developments allowing us to offer “Cool Solutions”, which are both energy efficient, environmentally friendly and economically suitable to your specific applications.


IPL is well equipped to tackle turnkey projects related to Industrial refrigeration and utilities services, including CO2 Plants, Steam, Water, Air and Glycol Systems, from inception to commissioning and handover. Our resources have vast experience in all areas required to ensure projects are completed timeously and within budget. All installations are to stringent “Quality Controls” and exceed the highest quality assurance requirements. This includes design, project management, on-site construction and commissioning. IPL is a fully independent supplier & contractor, and as such, has access to an extremely wide range of equipment & parts, offering the best technical, highest quality and most economical “Cool Solution” to your specific application.


IPL highly recommends that all industrial refrigeration plants are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure trouble free and extended operational life. We also recognize that each plant and customer’s requirements are unique, and to this end we also offer “tailor made” “Cool Solution” Service Agreements that will minimize disruptions to your refrigeration process and facility. In addition to this, we will ensure that your plant operates within good codes of practice and complies with all relevant occupational, health & safety requirements as well as to the latest legislation governing the operation of refrigeration plant, utility systems and equipment.

At the same time, we understand that from time to time mechanical equipment fails without giving notice, and as such IPL retains the services of experienced refrigeration technicians, who will provide “Cool Solutions” and are skilled in trouble shooting and solving problems to ensure down time on your plant is kept to an absolute minimum. Should it be economically feasible, we will overhaul compressors, pumps and other items of plant and equipment with genuine OEM parts to manufacturers’ specification.

Plant Upgrades

Whether it is to accommodate an expansion in your business, to take advantage of new technology, power saving requirements & comply with (changing) legislation or replace redundant and outdated equipment, IPL will provide “Cool Solutions” and undertake to upgrade your plant with minimum disruption to your operation. Our experience and flexibility allows for fast turn around time when it is most suitable to you.


At IPL, we believe in the benefit of having people on site that understand your refrigeration system, can carry out routine maintenance and identify potential problem areas. To this end, we offer “Cool Solution” training programs specific to your application and requirements. These training programs are carried out on site and involve hands on exercises with your maintenance crew. They cover the operational aspect of your refrigeration plant as well as the safety aspects of handling ammonia refrigerant.

All our welders are trained & coded to ASME IX for C/S & S/S work and especially all our Supervisory staff are trained to ‘NH3 Technician’ status, and are trained in the “Safe Handling of Ammonia”, validated by the well-known “OTTC Refrigeration Training Institute” which has full accreditation by MERSETA as a training provider. Please note that IPL endeavors to comply with all statutory requirements and actively promotes the training and advancement of former PDI’s, and we advise that over 90% of our staff are former PDI’s, and we further wish to point out that all our Artisans & Workman are competently employed by us for a considerable period of time, well trained and experienced in the field of Industrial NH3 Refrigeration & Utility Services work.

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